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Dorcia Hart, Pharm.D.

Dr. Hart’s Circle of Life offers holistic services for women entrepreneurs 40-plus through our foundational pillars: Hydration, Nutrition, and Movement. Dr. Hart’s mission is to provide creative experiences that rekindle your zeal for life!

Why Work With Me?

Maintaining proper hydration by drinking an ample amount of water daily is essential to our well-being. Water facilitates the transportation of nutrients to cells, aids in digestion, eliminates harmful toxins, reduces the likelihood of headaches and fatigue, and can even assist with weight management. As our bodies are composed of at least 75% water, ensuring adequate hydration is crucial for optimal health and survival. Whatever your issues are we can work together to develop a plan to accomplish your goals.

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I have included some video below that will explain what good water can do for your body, how to remove pesticides from your fruits and veggies and why movement is important. Take a look ,then schedule an appointment.

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