Dr. Hart’s Circle of Life offers holistic services for women entrepreneurs 40+ through our foundational pillars: Hydration, Nutrition, and Movement. Free radicals are thought to be one major cause of disease in our bodies. That’s why you need free radical scavengers to hunt down and destroy free radicals in their tracks. Dr. Hart’s mission is to provide creative experiences that rekindle your zeal for life!

Ionized Hydrogen Rich Antioxidant Water is a decade-long commitment to your health. With a robust network of partners, we specialize in revitalizing the lives of baby boomer women over 40. Our ionized water systems, sourced from a trusted 50-year-old Japanese company, are an investment in your wellness. Experience the power of ionized hydrogen-rich antioxidant water and join our referral program to share the health benefits with others. Visit our Los Angeles or Detroit water stations for a free trial of our ionized antioxidant water. Experience the difference, then make the choice.

Maintaining proper hydration by drinking an ample amount of water daily is essential to our well-being. Water facilitates the transportation of nutrients to cells, aids in digestion, eliminates harmful toxins, reduces the likelihood of headaches and fatigue, and can even assist with weight management. As our bodies are composed of 75% water or more, ensuring adequate hydration is crucial for optimal health and survival. Ionized water gives that added plus to fight free radicals that causes so many diseases in our bodies.

My Passion

Initially, I was simply a customer who drank Hydrogen Rich Water on a regular basis. It was recommended to me by a petite lady who emphasized its superior hydrating properties and the potential benefits of optimal hydration for the body. Little did I realize the tremendous impact that this water would have on my overall well-being. As a result of drinking it, I experienced a total of 19 significant improvements in my health, inspiring me to share my newfound knowledge with others and embark on a business venture.

I help women turn their health around by looking at Hydration, Nutrition and Movement. These are the 3 steps to good health. Most people don’t realize they are just dehydrated. Water bought in stores is just not hydrating enough to meet the demands of our body. We need water that is super hydrating to get down into our cells to really hydrate and pull out the toxins at the cellular level. I truly believe that Hydrogen Rich Electrolyzed Restructured water is the answer. It’s a mouth full but this water is 80% hydrating while bottled water is only 10-20% hydrating. That is a big difference! Your body will use this water to heal itself. I can’t think of any one thing that is so important that your body needs to live other than Oxygen. You can’t live without O2 for minutes, days for water, and weeks for food.

Once you master drinking enough water, which will curb your appetite, then we can concentrate on your nutrition and food intake. I do an assessment for you to get your baseline values. This is not a diet plan, this is a life plan. After mastering these two, then move on to movement. I am passionate about the process taking one step at a time and making sure the changes we make together is a life plan that can be sustained.

My Goals

Free radicals are thought to be one major cause of disease in our bodies. That’s why you need free radical scavengers to hunt down and destroy free radicals in their tracks. My goal is to listen to each person to understand their goals and work to set a life plan for hydration, nutrition and movement. It’s not a habit until you live it for 4-6 weeks.

Hydration: I will calculate your hydration needs, your body mass index (BMI), and ideal body weight to determine your ability to fight the free radicals.

Nutrition: Look at what you are currently doing and make changes based on your weight goals or health goals to determine your ability to fight the free radicals.

Movement: Is always important no matter what your Hydration and Nutrition goals are. Movement is mandatory. Nothing works without movement to flush out the toxins in your body from the free radicals. My recommendation will be your basic needs. Your bottom line which you can add more on top.

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