How to Lose Weight with Kangen Alkaline Water

August 20, 2017

According to Robert Young PhD from the book “The pH Miracle For Weight Loss”, this is the surprising connection between excess weight and hydration.

The human body is 70% water. You’ve got roughly 10-13 gallons of water in your body. Water makes up 75% of your muscles and heart, 83% of your brain and kidneys, 86% of your lungs, 95% of your eyes, 22% of your bones and 90% of your blood. You are literally what you drink. Most Americans do not drink enough water and compromise their health. Your weight will be an obvious sign of that compromise.

Most Americans only get 1 liter of fluid daily, much of it from acidic coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks, many of which actually rob the body of water because it takes more water to process and filter out these beverages.

For ideal health and weight you need a lot of good water. An average adult loses about 3 liters of water a day through sweating, breathing, urinating, moving, and even sleeping. The body becomes dehydrated if that water is not replaced.

It is simple, if you do not get enough water, you’ll get fat. Even mild dehydration will slow down metabolism as much as 3%. Most people mistaken signals of dehydration for hunger. That’s why most people don’t drink enough and eat too much. If you don’t get enough water, your body will actually retain water to neutralize the acid waste and make you look even fatter than necessary.

One of the main functions of water in your body is to cleanse it from toxins and acidic waste. Without enough water, your body goes into self-preservation and hides these toxins in fat cells away from your blood stream to protect the rest of the body. A drop of just 2% in body water content is enough to make that happen.

Only one hour of exercise can cause a drop in 2% of body water, which leads to a measurable decrease in physical performance. 3% of loss of water affects muscle strength. 4% drop in body water leads to dizziness. 5% drop will lead to problems with concentration, drowsiness, impatience, anxiety, depression, sugar cravings, cramps and headaches. 6% drop can cause the heart to race and temperature regulation to go out of whack. At 7% drop you could collapse. When chronic dehydration is sustained for months or even years, it leads to all kinds of chemical imbalances in the body and diseases. The most serious symptoms come from spending a lifetime in a mild state of dehydration. No wonder most people are fat, sick and tired. At 15-20% loss of body’s water, it becomes life threatening. In short: Lack of water can kill you.

In fact, you can go 30 days without eating, but you can’t live 72 hours without water. Your body uses as much water in winter as well in summer, and as much as when you’re sleeping as when you’re awake. That’s why addressing proper hydration and the quality of your water is of first importance when it comes to improving and preserving your health.

Water is responsible for every chemical activity in the body. It cushions and protects vital organs, transports nutrients to cells, removes acidic waste and detoxifies the body, keeps the skin soft and supple, increases oxygen in the blood, carries electrical messages between cells, improving cell to cell communication.

Although drinking more water is an easy fix. Finding the right water can require more research and understanding of what the best water is. Since most of our drinking water has been polluted with chemicals from treatment plants, pipes or from plastic bottles, it is vitally important to avoid water that has been exposed to toxins and look for a good filtration system.

What is considered to be good water? Good water is first pure. It has been filtered from contaminants. Second, good water is alkaline with a high pH to neutralize acidic waste and to detoxify the body. It is also rich in electrons that act as anti-oxidants. These electrons are created through the process of ionization to replicate the ionized alkaline water found in the glacier regions where people live a very long time. Ionization is the second phase after filtration and is done through electricity to add energy giving electrons to the water. Nature does this through lighting and through rapid movement in the waterfalls. At home we do it through a good quality ionizer.

The best ionizers are made by the leader in the industry, a 49 year old company in Japan, called Enagic. They make their ionizers with very high standards and they custom build each machine from start to finish ensuring quality control. While you may not care so much about owning the best quality toaster, you do want to care a lot about what goes inside your body. Imitation ionizers cost less, but that is because they use cheaper metals for the engine of the machine. That’s one area you don’t want to compromise in because what you drink affects every cell in your body and you want only the best water for you and your family. Enagic makes Kangen grade water that is the world standard. Third party validation and certifications from the most prestigious agencies do prove that Enagic’s ionizers will not disappoint you. They last up to 20-25 years and will change your life as you know it.

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