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Holistic Wellness Consulting-3 Pillars of Health

Holistic Wellness Consulting is your partner on the journey to optimal well-being. Our approach integrates personalized strategies for physical health. Through a blend of mindful practices, hydration, nutrition, and movement guidance, and tailored lifestyle adjustments, we empower individuals to achieve balance and vitality. We believe in a comprehensive understanding of each person’s unique needs, fostering long-term wellness that extends beyond quick fixes. Whether you’re seeking dehydration issues, nutritional lifestyle advice, movement baselines, or holistic lifestyle adjustments, our consulting services are dedicated to guiding you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Health Evaluations/Assessment

As being a Pharmacist for 35 years, my Health Evaluations/Assessment services provide a comprehensive and personalized analysis of your well-being. Through thorough examination of your physical health, lifestyle, and medical history that you provide, I can tailor assessments to uncover individual health needs and potential areas for improvement. My goal is to offer a holistic understanding of your current health status, guiding you towards informed decisions and targeted interventions. With a focus on prevention and proactive health management, my assessments empower you to make meaningful choices for a healthier and more vibrant life. You will receive a detailed step by step Lifestyle Plan to help you make those decisions. Look for my 3 options: 1. Lifestyle Report, 2. Two hour Zoom call to review your report and answer any questions and get a clear understanding of what to do and how to use the tools, 3. Daily Support following with a 2 hr Zoom call at the end of the week for 4 weeks-I walk you through each step with a calendar overview.

Survival Gardening Consulting

Survival Gardening Consulting is your guide to cultivating self-sufficiency through strategic and sustainable gardening practices. I offer expertise in creating resilient, productive gardens that not only provide fresh, nutrient-rich produce but also serve as a vital component of emergency preparedness. From selecting resilient plant varieties to optimizing space and water usage, my consulting services equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for successful survival gardening. Whether you’re a novice seeking to establish a backyard food source or an experienced gardener aiming to enhance resilience, we provide personalized guidance to ensure your garden becomes a robust asset in times of need. Starting from locating your site, to what kind of dirt, then planting, watering, and harvesting you will use my guided tour for best results. My grandfather was a farmer in Tennessee with many acres. From a little girl I was always curious about growing plants. He always planted trees that not only gave shade but provided food. I still remember his huge Black Walnut Trees that always gave me a good snack before lunch. He told me to only grow what you need to eat to survive. Grow vegetables that you like to eat even if you had to store it over the long winters. When you live on a farm you are in a survival mode. Thus how I came up with the name. We ate off the land and the land provided. What we couldn’t eat we sold to buy other necessary things like soap and clothes. My grandfather also had animals on his farm but not for pets. Chickens for eggs, cows for milk,etc… This is how my journey started. In my city space in Los Angeles, I also do the same with every inch of land. I grow many trees including 3 apple trees, 2 asian pear trees, 1 pink grapefruit tree, 1 blood orange tree, 2 avocado trees, 2 lemon trees, 5 banana trees, 2 concord grape vines, 20 tomato plants, spinach, lettuce, green onions and chives.

Vegan Cooking Courses

Embark on a culinary journey with my Vegan Cooking Courses, where plant-based delights take center stage. Designed for both novices and seasoned cooks, my courses provide hands-on experience in crafting delicious, cruelty-free meals. From mastering the art of flavor-packed vegan staples to exploring creative, nutrient-rich recipes, I will be your instructor to guide you through every step. I have been Vegan for 5 years and pride myself in converting all my family recipes that I have used for 35 years. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen while gaining valuable insights into plant-based nutrition. Whether you’re looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle or elevate your culinary skills, my Vegan Cooking Courses offer a flavorful adventure that celebrates the vibrant and diverse world of plant-based cuisine. I have recipes that reflect all cultures and I am always adding more to my list.

Dr Hart’s Circle of Life Podcast

Welcome to Dr. Hart’s Circle of Life Podcast, where we delve into the multifaceted aspects of holistic living and well-being. Join Dr. Hart, your insightful guide, as we explore the intersections of hydration, nutrition, movement, and lifestyle choices. Each episode offers expert interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and practical tips to empower you on your journey toward a balanced and fulfilling life. Whether it’s navigating the realms of nutrition, mindfulness, or sustainable living, Dr. Hart’s Circle of Life Podcast is your compass for making informed decisions and embracing a holistic approach to health. Tune in to unlock the secrets of a vibrant and harmonious life. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Public and Private Events (Virtual & In-Person)

Step into a world of captivating experiences with our curated lineup of scheduled public and private events, spanning the realms of both virtual and in-person engagements. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions, dynamic virtual conferences, and intimate gatherings designed to foster connection and collaboration. Whether you’re seeking knowledge, networking opportunities, or simply a space to unwind, our scheduled events promise a diverse range of enriching experiences. From the convenience of virtual platforms to the vibrancy of in-person interactions, our calendar invites you to explore, learn, and engage in moments that transcend boundaries and create lasting memories. Join us in shaping moments that matter. Some of my favorites are Tanaka Farms and Community Gardens around the city.

Cyber Cafe (Detroit, MI)-Prepared Meals, Cooking Classes

Welcome to our Cyber Cafe in Detroit, MI, where we’re making dining a delightful experience. Elevate your meals with our prepared subscription service through our catering arm, offering curated, locally sourced ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy the convenience of gourmet meals without compromising on taste or nutrition. As part of our commitment to culinary exploration, we also host engaging cooking classes led by skilled chefs, providing an opportunity for hands-on learning and culinary creativity. Whether you’re a subscriber savoring our chef-crafted delights or joining our cooking classes to enhance your culinary skills, our Cyber Cafe is your hub for a tasteful journey in Detroit. Coming Soon!

AirBNB Wellness Experience

Indulge in a holistic retreat with our Airbnb Wellness Experience, where we prioritize your well-being through the three pillars of Health: Hydration, Nutrition, and Movement. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating activities designed to enhance your overall wellness. Drink water that has antioxidants that fight the free radicals that are attacking your cells and aging you. Learn about all 7 different kinds of water that are used for drinking, washing your hair and face, a sanitizer to clean your clothes, to kill germs on your fruits and veggies, to remove pesticides off your food and much much more. Enjoy nourishing vegan meals curated for both taste and nutrition, promoting a harmonious balance for the body and mind. Elevate your culinary skills with personalized cooking classes, where you’ll discover the art of crafting delicious and wholesome vegan dishes. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, nutritional insights, or culinary inspiration, our Airbnb Wellness Experience promises a rejuvenating escape that embraces the essence of well-rounded health and vibrant living. Join us on this transformative journey! Get your Discovery Call below and check the box for our AirBNB Wellness Experience located in Los Angeles or Detroit, MI.


Embark on a journey to optimal well-being with our two insightful eBooks that delve into essential aspects of health. “Balanced Living” guides you through the art of staying adequately hydrated, unlocking the secrets to maintaining optimal bodily functions and promoting overall wellness. In “Top 10 Poop Secrets no one wants to talk about,” discover the significance of a healthy digestive system and gain practical insights into achieving and maintaining digestive well-being. I have 60 years of experience with constipation and have put my best solutions in this ebook that work. These eBooks are a comprehensive resource, offering tips, strategies, and expert advice to empower you on your path to a more balanced and vibrant life. With a focus on hydration and digestive health, these guides provide valuable knowledge that transcends conventional wellness boundaries, inviting you to embrace a holistic approach to self-care.

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